• Pronounced /tʃaʊ/ , like ‘Ciao’
  • Mandarin for “Bridge”
  • Let us be the bridge between your idea and a final product

This isn’t your first rodeo. You know this idea has a good chance to stick. You’ve got the right network and some seed capital. To be profitable fast, your product idea needs to be made in Asia.

Product Development

You’re reaching some good volumes and market penetration with your key product. But it needs some value engineering. There are just too many pieces and you don’t know how to coordinate multiple suppliers in China to coordinate a more cost effective product


It’s all mostly on paper. But the excitement is sky-high. To get some capital you’re going to need an MVP. To carve a space into your market you’re going to need to be cost-effective and squeeze out good margins to fund your business onwards. But you are the R&D department.


You’ve drawn it on a napkin. Now someone needs to model and 3D print it. You need to contact 3 or 4 suppliers to get a price. That’s what we do. We speak the language and travel to the right suppliers who can make your ideas happen. We get a sample on your desk that allows you to make the winning sales pitch.

Product Development

You’ve got a market. Maybe orders already. But finding the factory who can make your product reliably and understand your needs is the challenge. Let us find the right supplier and explain your SoW in Chinese. We can run you from scope to full production in under 6 months.


Smart? Of course. We have relationships with the largest developers who can create and host your app. We can source the hardware and update your PCB to move your product from the 20th to the 21st century. Our team in the US and China coordinate to ensure your App is suitable for Native users.


You know exactly what you need. You just need it at a better price. We will value engineer your product and confidentially run it past key suppliers we trust. This will ensure you have IP protection and that the partner we find will make your product for the agreed price.

Quality Control

Do you speak Chinese? We do. We can be on the factory floor in 24 hours and ensure your production run is to specifications. Issues and requested improvements are scoped in English with you and coordinated in Chinese at the factory. Just because you get a better price doesn’t mean you need to get an inferior product. iphones are made in China.

Smart Thermostat

Our client needed to catch up with their competition on smart devices. But their growing business had them buried in sales and operations. They tasked us to present them with a WIFI device that could activate their radiators in a more efficient way.

Cable Tester

It was a simple idea. But there just wasn’t enough money in it to get their R&D department on it. There were always other priorities. So they delegated the whole project to us. We designed, prototyped and sources manufacturing.

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